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00% Bored! The Lesley Beth 'Jazzles English Method'

  • Is the world’s only fully Arts-Integrated, multimedia, English Language System. 
  • Features jazzy, animated, alliterative songs with matching captions (reading songs).
  • Uses neuroscience-proven learning strategies to emotionally and intellectually engage even the most reluctant learner.
  • Achieves outstanding levels of oral language and reading skills - not in months but in weeks!

When children SEE, HEAR, LAUGH, MOVE and SING, they remember EVERYTHING! The Lesley Beth 'Jazzles English Method' involves learning that starts with the fun of singing and performing along 'JazzleOke' style to Animated Reading Songs that ignite imagination and creativity as a motivator of joint and self initiated learning extensions. The proven neuroscience strategies around which the Jazzles program is structured include:

  • Optimum learning occurs with simultaneous aural, kinesthetic and visual activity.
  • Singing makes us feel happy.
  • We learn faster when we are happy.
  • We learn language faster if we sing it.
  • We automatically read subtitles before visuals.
  • The brain lights up to music with a strong beat and syncopated rhythm and key changes.

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Transforms Learning!

Jazzles resources use rich verbal-visual imagery associations to create exceptional literacy learning so students retain, retrieve, and experience well-structured opportunities to explore language. Primary learning is achieved though the simultaneous interaction of singing and performing to jazzy songs that have been visualized with ‘matching captions’ to support meaning while being read.

 Independent University Research Studies Prove It!

 In 2008, Jazzles was the subject of two university supervised reading research projects. Both showed outstanding results.

 If under-privileged kids can achieve a whole school year of English Literacy in just 12 weeks using Jazzles, so can yours.

 In a Missouri kindergarten (half of the children from poor households, and all with no previous reading levels), 38% of the class achieved year-end, kindergarten literacy levels in just 12 weeks of the first semester (2008). Assessments embraced vocabulary, phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, fluency, comprehension and concepts about print that were assessed using standard benchmarks including DIBELS, Scott Foresman Reading Street and Reading A-Z, etc. The astonished university-supervised researcher concluded that statistically significant gains in reading were achieved based on the use of Jazzles songs and printed lyrics in conjunction with explicit teaching.

The 'Jazzles English Method' is scientifically sequenced to lock English Language in memory! Australian teacher Lesley Beth is the only English Language Program Developer to combine proven, brain-based music and creative art strategies with colorful 'Matching Captioned' cartoons to engage children at exceptional levels - so they learn English skills faster with joy, laughter and confidence!

Teacher. Composer. Song Writer. Lesley Beth has developed the innovative, ‘Jazzles English Method’ over 15 years. Lesley is a 2004 Semi-Finalist in the world prestigious International Songwriting Competition and a recipient of an American Songwriter Magazine Honorable Mention in 2005.

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